The Salvation Family Caring Center East Liberty

Located in East Liberty, The Family Caring Center is the only shelter in Greater Pittsburgh that houses entire families, including single mothers fathers. We help these families make ends meet and raise their children. Your donation goes to these struggling families during harsh economic times, helping them stay together and stay strong.

The Salvation Army Family Caring Center

Each year, 125 to150 families find refuge in The Salvation Army's Family Caring Center. These families of all statuses—couples with children, single mothers with children, single fathers with children—are in situations that threaten to leave them to the streets. They suffer from eviction, domestic abuse, substance abuse, emergency situations such as fires and floods, and other crisis situations, leaving them homeless and oftentimes panicked. The Salvation Army, with its mission to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs, rescues them from this time of alarm and shelters them in the Family Caring Center, now located at 6017 Broad Street in East Liberty.

The Salvation Army teaches life skills that educate the family about how to support one another through difficult times. Additionally, The Salvation Army strengthens families through counseling, educational programs, medical and dental services. Instructions in parenting, budgeting, and nutrition are also offered through Life Skills classes. The Family Caring Center's purpose is to provide residents the tools for independent living so they can succeed when they return to their communities and begin to build a new life.